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Alarm clock to wake up absolutely

Function to wake up absolutely
 •Mission to stop the alarm

Normal stop method. It will stop if you press the stop button.

        2.Code reading
   Register barcodes or QR codes in advance,
If the alarm goes out, shooting the code with the camera will stop the alarm.
Any barcode can be used.
If you cut it out and put it on the wash basin, you have to go to the wash basin and shoot it.
All you have to do is wash your face.
It is refreshing awakening.

   You have to shake the iPhone a set number of times to stop.

Mission selection

Code reading


•Prevention function of back to sleep
Even if you do your mission,  you may go back to bed again.
After stopping the alarm, if the iPhone has not moved for 5 minutes, it will be judged that you have slept twice and the alarm will sound again.
Get up and wear your iPhone when you wake up.
If you keep moving for the time you set, it will be considered complete and this function will end.
You can disable it.

Another feature is the out countdown.
The remaining time to go out will be announced with an announcement in 60 min, 50 min, 40 min, 30 min, 10 min, 5 min, 3 min, 1 min and 0 min.
It's relaxing and prevents you from running out of time.



I think some people go to work at different places and different times every day.
It is convenient to back calculate from arrival time that is useful for such people.
I think that the preparation time from getting up to going out and the moving time from home to the station are constant.
Set both times in advance.
For example, suppose you look at the train you will ride tomorrow with a transit app.
If you enter that time, it will automatically set the  to go out time and wake up time.

You can make up to four alarms.
If you use different stations depending on the day,
I think it is convenient to change the travel time for each station.

You can also play sounds in silent mode.
However, if you exit from the background silent mode will not sound and you will be limited in functionality so be sure to stay in the background.
Be sure to allow the notification function. It will not work properly if you do not allow it.

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Alarm clock to wake up absolutely -vamos- 
Developer    Yutaka Watanabe

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