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LensAgent for iPad
LensAgent for iPad


We introduce our “Digital Director’s Viewfinder”.

This application software provides supports in selecting the best camera lens
for shooting at the time of filming, location hunting and meeting.
It figures out the focal length of lens you need.

There are three modes available.
○ LIVE View Mode       
○ DISTANCE Mode     

Approximately 560 Camera Formatsare available.
As user-configurable custom format are available, you can infinitely setup as you want.

○ LIVE View Mode
This mode allows you to zoom in/out live views through the built-in camera by operating the zoom bar or up/down button on the
screen and then automatically calculates the focal length of lens you need.

You might feel like handling a traditional director's viewfinder.

Click "LIVE View" button.
Camera starts up and LIVE View Mode is accessed.

By operatingthezoom bar or up/down button at the bottom of the screen to zoom the camera view.In conjunction with the slider
movement, focal length changes as you want.


○ CAPTURED View Mode
This mode allows you to manipulate the images captured after the shutter release in LIVE View Mode.
You can drag the captured images.

CAPTURED View Mode shows the original pictures in high quality image
so that it provides much higher solution than LIVE ViewMode.

As the image displayed has been captured and is free from handheld camera blur, it can cover wide areas of telescope.

This mode is appropriate to confirm the angle of telescope.

This is a characteristic function of digital angle finder.

There is also a function to save the captured images, which enables you to reconfirm angle of view later.


This mode calculates the required focal length by inputting the distance to an object instead of using the camera images.
A character CG displayed is scalable to visualize this functionality easy to understand.

Isn't it effective to use at the meetings?

First, open Setting screen to setup "UOM (Unit of Measure)"
The next step is to enter the height of an object.
Please note that the height value entered here is used to understand the object visually easier and compare and contrast
the object against the shooting scope range.
It doesn't give any impacts on the results of calculating the shooting scope and focal length.

However there is an advantage to utilize this functionality.
By changing the height value of the object, it enables to reflect the changes on the range to measure.
If you want to measure wider range, enter bigger height value of the object.
It enables you to deal with bigger objects suchas buildings.
The next step is to enter the distance to thesubject.

When the zoom bar or up/down button is used to adjust the measurement,
the focal length and shooting scope are associated with the slider movement and their values change.


○Side View

○As Mask function isavailable,
please use it if you take shots by consider to cut offtop/bottom/right side/left side of the image at editing.

○Meter and feet descriptions are accepted as unit of measure.

○iPad Only
○iOS8 or later

Camera Formats
1.0"Sensor 16:9
Sensor 4:3
Sensor 16:9
Sensor switchable 4:3
Sensor 4:3
Sensor 16:9
Sensor 4:3
Sensor 16:9
Sensor 4:3
Sensor 16:9
4/3" Four Thirds
Sensor 16:9
ARRI ALEXA 4:3 Anamorphic2.39
ARRI ALEXA Open Gate Anamorphic2.39
ARRI ALEXA 65 Open Gate
ARRI ALEXA 65 16:9
ARRI ALEXA 65 1.50
ARRI Amira HD 16:9
ARRI Amira 2k 16:9
ARRI Amira 4kUHD 16:9
ARRI D21 16:9
BlackMagic URSA 4.6k 16:9
BlackMagic URSA Mini 4.6k 16:9
BlackMagic Pocket Camera 16:9
BlackMagic Cinema 16:9
BlackMagic Micro Cinema 16:9
BlackMagic Production Camera 4K 16:9
BlackMagic Studio HD 16:9
BlackMagic Studio 4K 16:9
BlackMagic Micro Studio 4k 16:9
Canon C100/C300/C500 16:9
Canon EOS 1Dc 16:9
Canon EOS 1D Mark W 16:9
Canon EOS 1Dx Mark T/U 16:9
Canon EOS 5D Mark U/V 16:9
Canon EOS 5Ds 16:9
Canon EOS 6D 16:9
Canon EOS 7D/7DU/60D/80D 16:9
Canon EOS 70D 16:9
Nikon D4S/D4 FX base 16:9
Nikon D4S/D4 DX base 16:9
Nikon D3s 16:9
Nikon D300s/D7000 16:9

Nikon D800 FX base 16:9
Nikon D800 DX base 16:9
Nikon D810 FX base 16:9
Nikon D810 DX base 16:9
Nikon D750 FX base 16:9
Nikon D750 DX base 16:9
Nikon D600 16:9
Nikon D610 FX base 16:9
Nikon D610 DX base 16:9
Nikon D500 16:9
Nikon D3100/D3200 16:9
Nikon D3300 16:9
Nikon D5000/D5100 16:9
Nikon D5200/D5300/D5500 16:9

Nikon D7000/D7100/D7200 16:9
PANAVISION Genesis 16:9
Panasonic AG-AF101〜105 16:9
RED WEAPON 8k S35 (79formats)
RED WEAPON 8k VV (79fornats)
RED WEAPON 6k (56formats)
RED EPIC-W 8k S35 (79formats)
RED SCARLET-W 5k (45formats)
RED RAVEN 4.5k (16formats)
RED EPIC DRAGON 6k (20formats)
RED EPIC/SCARLET (14formats)
RED ONE (11formats)
SONY F65 17:9
SONY F65 Extracted 16:9
SONY F35 16:9
SONY PMW-F55/F5 full 17:9
SONY PMW-F55/F5 16:9
SONY PMW-F3 16:9
SONY NEX-FS7 full 17:9
SONY NEX-FS100/700 16:9
SONY NEX-EA50 16:9
SONY α7/α7U 16:9
SONY α7S/α7SU 16:9
SONY α7R/α7RU 16:9
SONY α6000/ α6300 16:9
SONY α99 16:9
SONY α77/α6516:9

16mm FullAperture 1.37
16mm TV Transmitted 1.33
Super 16mm FullAper.1.65
Super 16mm 1.78
Super 16mm 1.85
Super 16mm 2.40
35mm FullAperture 1.33
35mm TV Transmitted 1.33
35mm 1.66
Super 35mm "Large"TV 1.33
Super 35mm 1.78
Super 35mm 1.85
Super 35mm 2.40
35mm 2perf 1.78
35mm 2perf  2.40
35mm 2perf  2.68
35mm Anamorphic 2.4
65mm FullAperture 2.20

Full 35mmFilm Standard
4/3" Four Thirds Sensor
Canon EOS-1Dc 3:2
Canon EOS 1Dx 3:2
Canon EOS 1D  3:2
Canon EOS 1D Mark U/UN 3:2
Canon EOS 1D Mark V 3:2
Canon EOS 1D Mark W   3:2
Canon EOS 1Ds 3:2
Canon EOS 1Ds Mark U/V 3:2
Canon EOS 5D/6D 3:2
Canon EOS 5D Mark U/V 3:2
Canon EOS 5Ds 3:2
Canon EOS 7D/7DU /60D /60Da3:2
Canon EOS 10D/300D 3:2
Canon EOS 20D/30D/70D 3:2
Canon EOS 40D 3:2
Canon EOS 50D 3:2
Nikon D4S/D4/Df FX base 3:2
Nikon D4S/D4/Df DX base 3:2
Nikon D810/D800/D610/D600 FX base 3:2
Nikon D810/D800/D610/D600 DX base 3:2
Nikon D3s 3:2
Nikon D3X 3:2
Nikon D90/D80/D60/D40X 3:2
Nikon D70/D50/D40 3:2
Nikon D750/D700 3:2
Nikon D3100/D3000 3:2
Nikon D3200 3:2
Nikon D3300 3:2
Nikon D300s/D5000 3:2
Nikon D5500/D5300/D5200/D5100 3:2
Nikon D7100/D7000 3:2
α7/α7U 3:2
α7S/α7SU 3:2
α7R/α7RU 3:2
SONY α99 3:2
SONY α77U/α77/α75/α65/α57/α55 3:2
SONY α58 3:2
SONY α550/α700/α37/α33 3:2
SONY α850/α900 3:2
SONY α6000/α6300 3:2
Phase One p20+
Phase One p25+
Phase One p30+/P21+
Phase One p40+
Phase One p45+
Phase One p65+
Phase One IQ150
Phase One IQ160
Phase One IQ180
Phase One IQ250
Phase One IQ260
Phase One IQ280


Format that the user can make free.
(Make infinitely)